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Smart by Nature Soaps
Smart by Nature Soaps

Smart by Nature Soaps

$ 8.50
Eucalyptus Awakening: Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5 oz. Eucalyptus essential oil is sharp as a razor, pungent as black pepper, and honest as a clear blue sky. Equally invigorating oils of peppermint and rosemary combine to make this the perfect morning soap. $8.50.

Geranium Balance: Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5 oz. Whether your skin tends toward oily or dry, geranium will help balance it out. A spoonful of honey complements geranium’s sweet, rosy scent in this gentle, harmonizing soap. $8.50

Grapefruit Radiance:  Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5 oz. Grapefruit essential oils invites feelings of happiness, energy, and love to all those who inhale its sweet aroma. Lime and bergamot oils complete this citrusy trio in this refreshing and emollient soap. $8.50

Oatmeal Spice Renewal: Handcrafted Body Bar, 4.5 oz. Blended with sweet and spicy essential oils like clove and cassia, along with exfoliating oatmeal, this aromatic soap will renew both skin and spirit. $8.50.

Lemon Clarity: Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5 oz. When lemon’s around, miscellany and indecision are replaced with clarity and focus. Calming chamomile flowers complement the zest of lemon in this clarifying soap. $8.50.

Lemongrass Lift: Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5 oz. Fresh and grassy, citrusy and sweet, lemongrass essential oil is liquid happiness…Beeswax and flecks of calendula petals add to the summery pull of this hydrating, happy bar. $8.50.

Sea Clay Purification: Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5 oz. When exposed to water, mineral-rich sea clay draws out toxins, oils, and debris from the skin, leaving it feeling clean and silky-soft. Essential oils of fir and pine needles, spruce and juniper give this spa soap a bold, forest-like fragrance. $8.50

Rosemary Revitalization: Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5 oz. Strong, fresh and herbaceous, rosemary is one of the most revitalizing of all essential oils. Bits of wheat germ give this restorative soap a hint of scrub. $8.50

Peppermint Exhilaration: Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5 oz. Like a dive into a cool body of water or a stroll through a pine forest, peppermint essential oil invigorates, refreshes, and exhilarates. A smattering of exfoliating poppy seeds helps wake up your skin in this enlivening anytime soap. $8.50.

Verbena Calm: 852898004109. Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5. Oz. Decidedly lemony with a green, herby edge, lemon verbena is like a good friend who listens to your stressy thoughts, holds them with kindness and compassion, and then reminds you to breathe. Flecks of calendula petals add to the delightfully uplifting nature of this calming soap. $8.50.

Lavender Comfort:  Handcrafted Beauty Bar, 4.5 Oz. Fresh and floral, lavender essential oil is a botanical ninja. It slips past the chaos of your brain and communicates straight with your soul-everything is going to be okay. We’ve balanced lavender with the warm and woody aroma of rosewood in this beautifully simple everyday soap. $8.50.