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Free Notes Wing

Free Notes Wing

$ 398.00

The Wing employs a five-tone pentatonic scale, so all notes are in harmony. There are no wrong notes! No difficult techniques are required to produce their lovely tones — just tap on the middle of the bar — players and listeners alike will be soothed and delighted by their pure tones.

The Wing is available in the four pentatonic scales of G Major, D Minor, C Major and A Minor. All notes within each set are in complete harmony. A tap on the bar produces pure tones of consistent quality that sustain for over six seconds creating layers of soothing sound.

The Wing has been designed to be played in many different ways… place the Wing on a flat surface and you can play using one or two mallets… or hold the Wing in one hand while playing with the other. The Wing can even be hung and played on a wall, showcasing its visual beauty as well as its harmonic sounds.

As with all Freenotes instruments, there are no wrong notes, so you can be as free as you wish. All combinations of the tones will be pleasing. Play them and hear for yourself.

The Wing has been designed to require no maintenance. It will never go out of tune and the lacquered metal bars will not tarnish or stain. There are no moving parts to adjust. Like all Freenotes instruments, the Wing is built to last and is sturdy enough for even the most energetic children. The Wing is practically indestructible. The rubber pads are all that can be detached, and a bit of contact cement quickly makes them as good as new again.

Each Wing includes one pair of mallets.